• Shaft Alignment

Shaft Alignment

with cutting-edge laser technology

Çağ-Mak aims to provide the customer with a fast and simple shaft alignment operation, as well as having access to advanced functions and capabilities. We can measure once before making the required vertical and horizontal adjustments, this procedure speed us the shaft alignment work.

Shaft Dimensions  
Shaft diameter:  Ø 20-450 mm (3/4”-18”)
Rods:  4 pcs 85 mm and 4 pcs 160 mm (extendable to 245 mm)


  • CCD detectors with ultra high definition resolution.
  • Sensor units with Bluetooth incorporated with a 30 mm detector surface and line lasers.
  • Ability to keep track of the position of the sensors in both the vertical and horizontal orientation, and any inclination inbetween, when performing a shaft alignment, thanks to the built-in gyroscope in the sensor units. Hence, you are then able to perform a shaft alignment on vertically mounted machines where it is not possible to do a 180° shaft rotation.
  • The graphic user interface is intuitive and 3D animated hroughout the measurement and alignment process.
  • Live values during measurement and simultaneous live adjustment, in both vertical and horizontal orientation (X and Y values), during the adjustment process.
  • Measurement results in micron resolution.
  • Post-measurement evaluation means that we can process saved measurement results in order to choose the best reference.

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