How to choose

There are many types of quick release hooks. You need to know  the capacity of the vessel to decide how to choose them. Depending on the bollard pull of the vessel, 1T, 3T or 5T can be selected. Larger tow hooks with special capacity can also be produced.  Towing with nylon and/or other polypropylene ropes as well as  steel wire ropes.

Quick Release Towing Hook

TW-5000 / TW – 2000 / TW-1000

The Quick release disc type towing hook is especially designed for towing with polyprop ropes.


Safe handling and releasing is possible with only a minimal manual effort of 5T at full safe working load. No high release  impact on the hook and foundation because of the free rotating disc system.


  • 5 Ton Capacity
  • Disk type
  • Manual Release Wire control system
  • For emergency towing and Port Towing
  • Side Movement
  • Safety Working Load 1ton to 5ton
  • High Quality and certificated materials
  • Can be customized according to special requirements